My Approach

Shedding light. Finding ways.

Each individual’s needs, aspirations and desires are unique. There is no single template for healing, nor one type of treatment that will suit every-body. The needs of someone in acute debilitating pain will be different from those of someone in persistent low grade pain. The needs of someone hoping to return to a rigorous athletic pursuit will be different from those of someone who hopes to walk their dog around the block without pain. My aim is to meet each person where they are, and figure out where their body is trying to lead them.

My Philosophy

The body heals. In fact, it is it’s main directive.

With all we have discovered about the body’s various mechanisms for healing, we cannot even begin to unravel the mystery of how the body actually heals itself. And yet, it does just this, moment after moment, in mysterious and miraculous ways .

So, our job is not necessarily to “heal” the body, but to create the best conditions we can for healing to take place. This might involve things as varied as calming our nervous systems, teaching our nervous systems new tricks, strengthening our neuromuscular support system, changing our habitual movement patterns and alignment, or altering our lifestyles. Your body will show us the way. How? By feeling better.

I incorporate my movement background with scientific knowledge to provide clients with the tools they need to understand their bodies and reach their full potential. I approach my work with creativity, honesty, and curiosity, and am devoted to supporting individuals in making life-enhancing changes.

“I couldn’t recommend Heidi more highly as a PT or a person. She quickly identifies the source of the problem, and works diligently and wisely with you to solve it. She is entirely trustworthy, a pleasure to work with — and, most importantly in my experience, Heidi gets great results“.

~Peter, Investment Specialist