We are sitting more than ever, so the importance of sitting well has never been more relevant. Love-U-Back was created and designed to help transform any seat into a supportive place your spine will love!


love-u-backWhen we sit, our pelvis is pulled slightly under and our spinal curves elongate. Love-U-Back is designed to support and sustain this change so that the muscles of our backs are not asked to work harder than they need to.

Place Love-U-Back against your back wherever you sit: on a plane, in the car, on the couch, and at your desk. Then, simply relax. Love-u-back will do the rest. We got your back!

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“I recently used the “Love U Back” on a business trip – both on the flight, and during a business meeting. The difference was remarkable. I had almost no pain at the end of the trip, and felt more awake and engaged during the meeting. Thanks for creating such a great product. Its really helping me live a more comfortable life.”

~Jean, Financial Consultant