I received my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Duke University in 1997 and have been practicing physical therapy ever since. I initially treated patients at Harborview Medical Center recovering from trauma and significant neurological disorders, and then worked with  dancers, runners, skiers, and tri-athletes in sports medicine settings. Currently, I enjoy working with people with varied physical therapy needs; from joint injuries to back pain, postural issues to strains and sprains, biomechanical  issues to muscle imbalance. I am also teaching anatomy workshops in the Seattle area and movement education at Cornish College of the Arts.

Prior to becoming a PT,  I danced as a member of New York City Ballet, performing at Lincoln Center and touring internationally. During these years, I worked with world renowned choreographers and musicians, and danced alongside some of the greatest movers on Earth. My life as a dancer gave me firsthand experience with many injuries, and taught me how to avoid, manage, and recover from many of them. It also left me with a lifelong appreciation for the fruits of diligence, hard work, strength and flexibility, which continue to serve me well.